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Analysis Of Ready Player One By Ernst Cline - 1340 Words

Ready Player One, by Ernst Cline – Extended text, novel Ready Player One, written by Ernst Cline, is a novel that explores a dystopian future where overpopulation and overconsumption of resources has caused a huge decrease in the general quality of life. Many peoples only escape from the harsh reality of the world is a virtual reality simulation known as the OASIS. Players can create their own avatars and explore a seemingly endless virtual world, all of which is online with other players. This software allows interaction between everyone connected, and has become the mainstream form of media in this bleak future. The creator of this software, James Halliday, dies at the beginning of the novel, and leaves his fortunes hidden in the OASIS.†¦show more content†¦This is done in order to save space, and is a great example of Cline displaying the dystopia of the world displayed in the book in an indirect manner. While people generally view the future as some utopic society where flying cars are the common means of transport, we hardly picture a reality where water levels are rising and overpopulation is reaching an unstable level, where the disparity between the rich and the poor becomes even clearer. This helps me to have the realization that many people are unaware of the detrimental effects of things that we consider â€Å"normal† on our earth. For example, billions of people use vehicles which are energy inefficient, and release toxic carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The fear that I feel when reading about such a bleak future, helped me to realize that to survive we must change as a society. This is relevant to our current society because global warming and over-population are currently very real issues that have no foreseeable solution other than a population that produces less waste, and is generally more sustainable. The underlying theme of Ready Player One is the power of technology. My response to this theme is excitement. In the text, technology gives people the power to assume another identity in a completely different reality. The technology described in the text, closely mirrors the ambitions of the virtual reality products currently on the market. This excites me, as it leads me to believe that we are veryShow MoreRelatedMr Zhang42340 Words   |  170 Pages- To provide a means for improving the writing skills of students. From all reports, accounting majors too often leave college lacking in the basic ability to compose and construct sentences and paragraphs. Accounting and auditing (especially as one moves up in an organization) obviously require skills other than the purely quantitative. Memos, reports, footnotes, audit and accounting guides, etc., all require accountants and auditors to be effective communicators of the written word. Indeed

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How Effectively an Organization Meets the Wants Free Essays

Competitiveness How effectively an organization meets the wants and needs of customers relative to others that offer similar goods or services Business compete using MARKETING 1. Identifying consumer wants and/or needs is a basic input in an organization’s decision making process, and central to competitiveness. The idea is to achieve a perfect match between those wants and needs and the organization’s goods and/or services. We will write a custom essay sample on How Effectively an Organization Meets the Wants or any similar topic only for you Order Now 2. Price and quality are key factors in consumer buying decisions. It is important to understand the trade-off decision consumers make between price and quality. 3. Advertising and promotion are ways organizations can inform potential customers about features of their products or services, and attract buyers. Business compete using OPERATION 1. Product and service design should reflect joint efforts of many areas of the firm to achieve a match between financial resources, operations capabilities, supply chain capabilities,and consumer wants and needs. Special characteristics or features of a product or service can be a key factor in consumer buying decisions. Other key factors include innovation and the time-to-market for new products and services. 2. Cost of an organization’s output is a key variable that affects pricing decisions and profits. Cost-reduction efforts are generally ongoing in business organizations. Productivity(discussed later in the chapter) is an important determinant of cost. Organizations with higher productivity rates than their competitors have a competitive cost advantage. A company may outsource a portion of its operation to achieve lower costs, higher productivity, or better quality. 3. Location can be important in terms of cost and convenience for customers. Location near inputs can result in lower input costs. Location near markets can result in lower transportation costs and quicker delivery times. Convenient location is particularly important in the retail sector. 4. Quality refers to materials, workmanship, design, and service. Consumers judge quality in terms of how well they think a product or service will satisfy its intended purpose. Customers are generally willing to pay more for a product or service if they perceive the product or service has a higher quality than that of a competitor. 5. Quick response can be a competitive advantage. One way is quickly bringing new or improved products or services to the market. Another is being able to quickly deliver existing products and services to a customer after they are ordered, and still another is quickly handling customer complaints. 6. Flexibility is the ability to respond to changes. Changes might relate to alterations in design features of a product or service, or to the volume demanded by customers, or the mix of products or services offered by an organization. High flexibility can be a competitive advantage in a changeable environment. 7. Inventory management can be a competitive advantage by effectively matching supplies of goods with demand. . Supply chain management involves coordinating internal and external operations (buyers and suppliers) to achieve timely and cost-effective delivery of goods throughout the system. 9. Service might involve after-sale activities customers perceive as value-added, such as delivery, setup, warranty work, and technical support. Or it might involve extra attention while work is in progress, such as courtesy , keeping the customer informed, and attention to details. Service quality can be a key differentiator; and it is one that is often sustainable. Moreover, businesses rated highly by their customers for service quality tend to be more profitable, and grow faster, than businesses that are not rated highly. 10. Managers and workers are the people at the heart and soul of an organization, and if they are competent and motivated, they can provide a distinct competitive edge by their skills and the ideas they create. One often overlooked skill is answering the telephone. How complaint calls or requests for information are handled can be a positive or a negative. If a person answering is rude or not helpful, that can produce a negative image. Conversely, if calls are handled promptly and cheerfully, that can produce a positive image and, potentially, a competitive advantage. Key EXTERNAL factor 1. Economic conditions. These include the general health and direction of the economy, inflation and deflation, interest rates, tax laws, and tariffs. 2. Political conditions. These include favorable or unfavorable attitudes toward business, political stability or instability, and wars. 3. Legal environment. This includes antitrust laws, government regulations, trade restrictions, minimum wage laws, product liability laws and recent court experience, labor laws, and patents. . Technology. This can include the rate at which product innovations are occurring, current and future process technology (equipment, materials handling), and design technology. 5. Competition. This includes the number and strength of competitors, the basis of competition (price, quality, special features), and the ease of market entry. 6. Markets. This include s size, location, brand loyalties, ease of entry, potential for growth, long-term stability, and demographics. Key INTERNAL factors 1. Human resources. These include the skills and abilities of managers and orkers; special talents (creativity, designing, problem solving); loyalty to the organization; expertise; dedication; and experience. 2. Facilities and equipment. Capacities, location, age, and cost to maintain or replace can have a significant impact on operations. 3. Financial resources. Cash flow, access to additional funding, existing debt burden, and cost of capital are important considerations. 4. Customers. Loyalty, existing relationships, and understanding of wants and needs are important. 5. Products and services. These include existing products and services, and the potential for new products and services. . Technology. This includes existing technology, the ability to integrate new technology, and the probable impact of technology on current and future operations. 7. S uppliers. Supplier relationships, dependability of suppliers, quality, flexibility, and service are typical considerations. 8. Other. Other factors include patents, labor relations, company or product image, distribution channels, relationships with distributors, maintenance of facilities and equipment, access to resources, and access to markets. PRODUCTIVITY MEASURE Productivity measures are useful on a number of levels. For an individual department or organization, productivity measures can be used to track performance over time. * This allows managers to judge performance and to decide where improvements are needed. * For example, if productivity has slipped in a certain area, operations staff can examine the factors used to compute productivity to determine what has changed and then devise a means of improving productivity in subsequent periods. Productivity measures also can be used to judge the performance of an entire industry or the productivity of a country as a whole. These productivity measures are aggregate measures. In essence, productivity measurements serve as scorecards of the effective use of resources. Business leaders are concerned with productivity as it relates to competitiveness: If two firms both have the same level of output but one requires less input because of higher productivity, that one will be able to charge a lower price and consequently increase its share of the market. Or that firm might elect to charge the same price, thereby reaping a greater profit. Government leaders are concerned with national productivity because of the close relationship between productivity and a nation’s standard of living. High levels of productivity are largely responsible for the relatively high standards of living enjoyed by people in industrial nations. Furthermore, wage and price increases not accompanied by productivity increases tend to create inflationary pressures on a nation’s economy. Improving Productivity A company or a department can take a number of key steps toward improving productivity: 1. Develop productivity measures for all operations. Measurement is the first step in managing and controlling an operation. 2. Look at the system as a whole in deciding which operations are most critical. It is overall productivity that is important. Managers need to reflect on the value of potential productivity improvements before Okaying improvement efforts. The issue is effectiveness. There are several aspects of this. * One is to make sure the result will be something customers want. * For example, if a company is able to increase its output through roductivity improvements, but then is unable to sell the increased output, the increase in productivity isn’t effective. * Second, it is important to adopt a systems viewpoint: A productivity increase in one part of an operation that doesn’t increase the productivity of the system would not be effective. * For example, suppose a system consists of a sequence of two operations, where the output of the first operation is th e input to the second operation, and each operation can complete its part of the process at a rate of 20 units per hour. If the productivity of the first operation is increased, but the productivity of the second operation is not, the output of the system will still be 20 units per hour. 3. Develop methods for achieving productivity improvements, such as soliciting ideas from workers (perhaps organizing teams of workers, engineers, and managers), studying how other firms have increased productivity, and reexamining the way work is done. 4. Establish reasonable goals for improvement. 5. Make it clear that management supports and encourages productivity improvement. Consider incentives to reward workers for contributions. . Measure improvements and publicize them. Other factors that affect productivity include the following: * Standardizing processes and procedures wherever possible to reduce variability can have a significant benefit for both productivity and quality. * Quality differences may distort productivity measurements. One way this can happen is when comparisons are made over time, such as comp aring the productivity of a factory now with one 30 years ago. Quality is now much higher than it was then, but there is no simple way to incorporate quality improvements into productivity measurements. Use of the Internet can lower costs of a wide range of transactions, thereby increasing, productivity. It is likely that this effect will continue to increase productivity in the foreseeable future. * Computer viruses can have an immense negative impact on productivity. * Searching for lost or misplaced items wastes time, hence negatively affecting productivity. * Scrap rates have an adverse effect on productivity, signaling inefficient use of resources. * New workers tend to have lower productivity than seasoned workers. Thus, growing companies may experience a productivity lag. Safety should be addressed. Accidents can take a toll on productivity. * A shortage of information technology workers and other technical workers hampers the ability of companies to update computing resource s, generate and sustain growth, and take advantage of new opportunities. * Layoffs often affect productivity. The effect can be positive and negative. Initially, productivity may increase after a layoff, because the workload remains the same but fewer workers do the work—although they have to work harder and longer to do it. However, as time goes by, the remaining workers may experience an increased risk of burnout, and they may fear additional job cuts. The most capable workers may decide to leave. * Labor turnover has a negative effect on productivity; replacements need time to get up to speed. * Design of the workspace can impact productivity. For example, having tools and other work items within easy reach can positively impact productivity. * Incentive plans that reward productivity increases can boost productivity. How to cite How Effectively an Organization Meets the Wants, Essay examples

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Management of Business Telecommunications â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About the Management of Business Telecommunications? Answer: Introduction The following assignment is based on the improvement of the communication technology in the organizations namely uniliver and the ANDigital which would help to organize the working in the companies in a better manner. The assignment deals with the accessibility of different network and communicating medium that would help the organizations in improving the work in the work sector. On the other hand, this would further help the organization in transferring valuable information to the employees such that quality work could be obtained from the workers of the organization. Hence, the technological advancement plays a very important role in the life of the people both in the personal as well as in the professional; sphere of life (Gomes, E., Angwin, D.N., Weber, Y. and Yedidia, 2013). Moreover, it could also be said that communication plays a very important role in the everyday life of the people. It is through proper communication being maintained by the management with the employees in the organization a proper understanding could be established. This would further help the organization in settling the disputes and the issues that takes place in the organization for the lack of communication medium. Thus, the use of the modern technology such as computers, the network facilities like internet and cloud computing makes it very easy for the organization to access their work in a structured manner. Therefore, the assignment puts its light upon the need in the improvement of the communication and network facility such that there is proper work being carried out in the work sector (Kasemsap, 2014). On the other hand, it also deals with the new technologies that are adopted by the organization in the working processes such that approach that is more functional could be view and processed for the better outcome in the near future. Moreover, the helpfulness that is derived from the communication technologies and the advancement in the working of the organization further adds value for the organization to make a brilliant progress in the future that holds both the growth and the new opportunity that would sustain the goodwill of the companies in the market (Wixom, 2014). Need for improvement in the communication technology in the work sector The development of the organizations could take place with the help of effective communication being taking place in the organization. Hence, the effective communication helps the organization in the controlling, improving, motivating, planning and organizing the work schedule in a proper manner. As it is seen that none of the organization could work without the proper communication being maintained by the employees with their management team. Therefore, it is through proper and clear communication the work structure of the organization could be explained to the workers such that quality could be obtained from the workers easily (Reim, W., Parida, V. and rtqvist, 2015). Thus to enable the working of the organization to take place in a structured manner there is a need for the improvement in the communication technologies in the work sector. There are advancement being happening due to the increase in the technological output for the effect of globalization. Globalization is not only hitting the economic progress of the world but the technological improvements are also talking place due to the progress in the globalization. Thus, it could b said that the use of technology in the working could help in the progress of the working in the organization (Law, R., Buhalis, D. and Cobanoglu, 2014). On the other hand, the main thing that matters in the organization is the communication. Thus, the use of internet facilities along with the use of modern gadgets such as computers and mobile phones could be a great help for the organization to impart the message to the clients and the employees in the working arena. Therefore, the organization of the conference room for setting up of meetings for the employees would help to provide further information to the employees in a better manner such that it would help to bring about an understanding in the working of the organization (Carayannis, E.G., Sindakis, S. and Walter, 2015). The main aim of any organization is to bring about a competitive advantage in the organization such that the organization could make profit, which would help the organization in making a good name in the market. Therefore, it is through the strong communication base being maintained by the organization with their clients and their employees the progress in the work field could easily take place where the necessary work could be done with easy and enthusiasm. On the other hand, through the communication only the planning of the work schedule along with the organizing of the work and the motivation of the employees are done. The employees gets motivated if the management keeps a good relation with the employees thereby praising them for their ability and the good work that is done by them in the work sector (Hair, 2015). Adaptation of new network technologies The new technologies that are adopted by the two organizations are the fast portal devices that would help the organization are transmitting of necessary information in a fraction of seconds. On the other hand, the hi-tech portal devices faster the speed of the internet such that the messages that are to be conveyed to the employees of the respected organization could be done easily. On the other hand, the use of the cloud computing is another important medium through with the communication along with the storage of the data could take place. It is on the other hand, is a secure way of utilization in the work sector. This is because, the communication that the management tends to do with the cloud computing fasten a data storage system that helps to get the information in the future for references (Stark, 2015). On the other hand, they are the use of cctv cameras through with the communication with the employees could be done as it helps in the easy informing and fast way of communication. It is because, through the access of the cctv camera one the management could see the work that the workers are ding in the particular section of the company. Hence, the management could convey the message to the employees through the cctv by just using a microphone to convey the message and that would help to provide a clear understanding of the work to the employees. Moreover, the management could also do the guidance regarding the work and a check upon the employees work in the section could be done easily (Razmerita, L., Kirchner, K. and Nabeth, 2014). Communication being the most important part of any and every task, it is important to establish and develop every possible mean of communication. Understanding these needs, the growing world has introduced many such techniques for efficient communication. Business sector and management sector portrayed their need for efficient communication prominently. It is important for us to know how and when these solutions, which are readily available today, can be used and change the way of operating in any firm (Fadly Habidin, N. and Mohd Yusof, 2013). Since Computers are the prime source of accessing the job data, Cloud Computing has come up into business with a simple agenda; accessing any computer sitting anywhere in the world to get the work done with maximum security login options and a trustworthy medium to help people to get the work done. Operating via the internet, this medium does not require a local server to access the computer. A person can connect from any server to get into the system and get the task done. Be it a Management firms or Business firms of any type, if this smart tech is implemented with proper training to all those who will be accessing it, the operation of all the departments in that firm will see a change. Change that will change the way of communication between a department head and the employee in conveying the exact task details with real time operation of the data. This change has already been implemented and the feedback is positive. Conference meetings between two firms is now completely differe nt with cloud Computing. One such popular Cloud Computing service is provided by Cisco via WebEx. With this, anyone can present operational data with others and anyone can update and edit the data in real time to finalize many of such important managerial data (Bocken, N.M.P., Short, S.W., Rana, P. and Evans, 2014). Telecommuting now has earned a lot of recognition as the employee can literally work from any place in the world if the employee has access to internet, phone, and email. Work from home techniques have been promoted since with these technological advances in todays world, its not always important to work from once fixed place. Teleconferencing as explained before in cloud computing has changed the way of meeting in todays world. It is no longer necessary to meet people in person for finalizing any important data/step in operating ahead. Internet calling can gather up to as many users as required for a discussion and thereby creating an online telecall panel for finalizing a data or taking important decisions in a firm (Condoluci, 2015). Operational teams benefit from these technologies the most as conveying the message to the top management as well as the working level staff is only few click on the computer or buttons on the phone away. More and more of such techniques in increasing the efficiency of communication will reflect in the execution of work and tasks in every operational team of the companies. The techniques that are taken into consideration by the means of technology are helping the world to generate their necessary work in an easier manner (Wagner, H.T., Beimborn, D. and Weitzel, 2015). Improvement of technology is related to management The improvement in the technology and the communication helps in the systematic working of the management in the organization. It is possible because there are the availability of the internet connection and the use of the cloud computing in the organization that helps the organization in maintaining record of the data that would be necessary in the future. On the other hands, there would a good relation being maintained by the management with the employees of the organization such that the important interaction regarding the work could be conveyed top the employees in the organization easily. Moreover, there are small rectangular devices that are used by the employees, which are connected to the system of the management, which gives the time schedule and the work list to the employees on a daily basis (Schultz, F., Castell, I. and Morsing, 2013). Hence, this instrument is same as the messaging device where the message is displayed on the screen such that it could act as a record for the organization and help the organization to view it in the future during the hour of need. Moreover, it is seen that the management is swell established with the planning and the organizing of the work when the work that is to be done in the organization is properly communicated to the employees with technological medium. Operating via the internet, this medium does not require a local server to access the computer. A person can connect from any server to get into the system and get the task done. Be it a Management firms or Business firms of any type, if this smart tech is implemented with proper training to all those who will be accessing it, the operation of all the departments in that firm will see a change (Wirtz, B.W., Pistoia, A., Ullrich, S. and Gttel, 2016) The advancement of work due to the change in the system working The advancement that has been seen in the working of the organization due to the changes that had been progressed in the communication system of the organizations are that there is a fast way of working that i9s happening in the work sector. The employees are satisfied with the work that is being performed by them, as it is not requiring much labor. It is because; most of the working is being done with the internet facility where the work could be divided among the members in the office. On the other hand, the benefits received by the Uniliver and ANDigital after incorporating improvements in technology there is better understanding that is happening between the employees and the management in the office such that all the work are of high quality. Any issues that are occurring in the organization could be easily dealt with, as there is no gap ion the communication or interaction (Fleisher, C.S. and Bensoussan, 2015). Apart from the hand written and the verbal talking that is done by the management, the management is making its progress in the communication with the messaging devices to convey the messages. Together with that, the conference room facility along with video conferencing and the video commuting are the processes that are used by the companies apart from the emails and the phone calls that are made by the management to the employees to convey the message. In case an employees is working from home or the employee needs to talk to the clients abroad then the facility of high-speed network could be accessed by the organization for communication. At that point, of time the video conferencing could work wonder for the organization to make sure that the deal on which the work to be done with the client is accomplished. Since Computers are the prime source of accessing the job data, Cloud Computing has come up into business with a simple agenda; accessing any computer sitting anywhere in the world to get the work done with maximum security login options and a trustworthy medium to help people to get the work done. Therefore, the use of the computer and the clod computing is had made a brilliant progress for the organization to make sure that there is benefit being achieved by the organization in the business sphere (Tang, J., Pee, L.G. and Iijima, 2013). The helpfulness of communication technology The help that the communication technology provide to the organization is that the work planning in the organization could easily been done such that there is more and more progress in the work that the organization is performing. On the other hand, there is structured process maintained in the organization where the messages are conveyed to the employees regarding a work schedule could be done easily. The meetings that are conducted in the conference room thereby accessing the group discussion helps to make sure that their better understanding being maintained between the employees and the management of the organization. Therefore, it could be said that the communication technology plays a very important role for the organization to make sure that the work that are done by them are done in a qualitative manner. The use of the internet facilities along with the modern devices such as the smart phones and the cloud computing helps to make a brilliant progress for the organization to o rganize their work and to plan their work in a profitable manner. The good relation between the employees and the management is maintained with the help of the good communication medium that is practiced in the organisaition (Lotfi, Z., Mukhtar, M., Sahran, S. and Zadeh, 2103). Conclusion It could be concluded from the above discussion that the communication is the major importance that helps the professional world to stay connected to its clients and the employees such that the easy accessibility of the business operations could be done easily. On the other hand, the increase in the connectivity of the internet in the organization would further boost the operations of the work in the organization. Together with this, it could be said that the work progress would be multiplied with the increase understanding of the employees with the management. It could be said that the communication is the basic importance that is to be improved in the organization as it is through the help of communication the organization could plan their working organize their working and promotes the motivation of the people in the work sector along with the socialization of the people could also be progressed (Krumeich, J., Werth, D. and Loos, 2013). Hence, the system of communication that is being used in the two organizations needs to be improved such that there is proper understanding being framed between the employees of the organization and the management of the organization. Together with that, the communication would help in settling all the issues and the disputes that takes place in the work sector. Along with that it should be seen that the network on which the communication is being progressed is good and therefore provide a faster mode of working in the work sector. As in the recent times all the work are done on the computer therefore a proper linkage is needed to link one system with another so that the progress of the employees work could be viewed by the management (v, 2013). Thus, the cloud computing is considered as the most appealing network and the medium, that could be used by the organization to enable such working in an excellent manner. On the other hand, through the communication only the planning of the work schedule along with the organizing of the work and the motivation of the employees are done. The employees gets motivated if the management keeps a good relation with the employees thereby praising them for their ability and the good work that is done by them in the work sector. Thus to enable the working of the organization to take place in a structured manner there is a need for the improvement in the communication technologies in the work sector. There is advancement being happening due to the increase in the technological output for the effect of globalization (McCormack, K.P. and Johnson, 2016). Reference list Gomes, E., Angwin, D.N., Weber, Y. and Yedidia Tarba, S., 2013. Critical success factors through the mergers and acquisitions process: revealing pre?and post?MA connections for improved performance.Thunderbird international business review,55(1), pp.13-35. Kasemsap, K., 2014. The role of social networking in global business environments.Impact of emerging digital technologies on leadership in global business, pp.183-201. Wixom, B., Ariyachandra, T., Douglas, D., Goul, M., Gupta, B., Iyer, L., Kulkarni, U., Mooney, J.G., Phillips-Wren, G. and Turetken, O., 2014. The current state of business intelligence in academia: The arrival of big data.Communications of the Association for Information Systems,34(1), p.1. Reim, W., Parida, V. and rtqvist, D., 2015. ProductService Systems (PSS) business models and tacticsa systematic literature review.Journal of Cleaner Production,97, pp.61-75. Law, R., Buhalis, D. and Cobanoglu, C., 2014. Progress on information and communication technologies in hospitality and tourism.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,26(5), pp.727-750. Carayannis, E.G., Sindakis, S. and Walter, C., 2015. Business model innovation as lever of organizational sustainability.The Journal of Technology Transfer,40(1), pp.85-104. Hair, J.F., 2015.Essentials of business research methods. ME Sharpe. Stark, J., 2015. Product lifecycle management. InProduct Lifecycle Management(pp. 1-29). Springer International Publishing. Razmerita, L., Kirchner, K. and Nabeth, T., 2014. Social media in organizations: leveraging personal and collective knowledge processes.Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce,24(1), pp.74-93. Fadly Habidin, N. and Mohd Yusof, S.R., 2013. Critical success factors of Lean Six Sigma for the Malaysian automotive industry.International Journal of Lean Six Sigma,4(1), pp.60-82. Bocken, N.M.P., Short, S.W., Rana, P. and Evans, S., 2014. A literature and practice review to develop sustainable business model archetypes.Journal of cleaner production,65, pp.42-56. Condoluci, M., Dohler, M., Araniti, G., Molinaro, A. and Zheng, K., 2015. Toward 5G densenets: architectural advances for effective machine-type communications over femtocells.IEEE Communications Magazine,53(1), pp.134-141. Wagner, H.T., Beimborn, D. and Weitzel, T., 2014. How social capital among information technology and business units drives operational alignment and IT business value.Journal of Management Information Systems,31(1), pp.241-272. Schultz, F., Castell, I. and Morsing, M., 2013. The construction of corporate social responsibility in network societies: A communication view.Journal of business ethics,115(4), pp.681-692. Hu, S.K., Lu, M.T. and Tzeng, G.H., 2014. Exploring smart phone improvements based on a hybrid MCDM model.Expert Systems with Applications,41(9), pp.4401-4413. Wirtz, B.W., Pistoia, A., Ullrich, S. and Gttel, V., 2016. Business models: Origin, development and future research perspectives.Long Range Planning,49(1), pp.36-54. Fleisher, C.S. and Bensoussan, B.E., 2015.Business and competitive analysis: effective application of new and classic methods. FT Press. Tang, J., Pee, L.G. and Iijima, J., 2013. Investigating the effects of business process orientation on organizational innovation performance.Information Management,50(8), pp.650-660. Lotfi, Z., Mukhtar, M., Sahran, S. and Zadeh, A.T., 2013. Information sharing in supply chain management.Procedia Technology,11, pp.298-304. Jamali, S., Alipasandi, B. and Alipasandi, N., 2013. VRED: An improvement over RED algorithm by using queue length growth velocity.Journal of Advances in Computer Research,4(1), pp.31-38. McCormack, K.P. and Johnson, W.C., 2016.Supply chain networks and business process orientation: advanced strategies and best practices. CRC Press. Maglio, P.P. and Spohrer, J., 2013. A service science perspective on business model innovation.Industrial Marketing Management,42(5), pp.665-670. Zikmund, W.G., Babin, B.J., Carr, J.C. and Griffin, M., 2013.Business research methods. Cengage Learning. Krumeich, J., Werth, D. and Loos, P., 2013. Business process learning on the job: A design science oriented approach and its empirical evaluation.Knowledge Management E-Learning: An International Journal (KMEL),4(4), pp.395-414.

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Uniwide Coastal Mall Case Analysis Essay Sample free essay sample

â€Å"Why is the UNIWIDE- COASTAL MALL non commercialize? † It is the job that this instance was seeking to understand and set a solution excessively. And why does this promenade continuously fall down. even the rabble stops to see and sponsor the topographic point? And because of that. the promenade can’t set up the gross revenues that they need in order for them to advance their concern. V. S. W. O. T. ANALYSIS: * STRENGTH* Location* Many client base on ballss* Transport Terminal* WEAKNESSES* Lack of Security* Poor and Old Facilities* Polluted Environment* OPPORTUNITIES* Less Competitors within the Vicinity* Stall Vacancy* Dominant* THREATS* Baclaran Public Market* New Malls rises* Free Spear Sellers near the VicinityVI. ACT ( ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION )* Renovate the whole Constitution* Improve the direction by the agencies of enrolling new originative and gifted employee * Create more Advertisement to advance the promenades VII. Recommendation:Act IIn order for the company to pull new and more client even those who seeks for occupation chance. We will write a custom essay sample on Uniwide Coastal Mall Case Analysis Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page the direction must restitute their installations to do the client. specially the people who passes by the country. what are the alterations and chance that awaits them. ACT 2 And when the invention of the promenade takes topographic point. they must besides engage the encephalons of the new direction that will gives new originative thoughts that will better non merely the installations but besides the gross revenues of the promenade. ACT 3 Last. as the promenade has its new face and stronger direction that will construct new advertizement that will advance the promenade that will do its rejoinder to the concern universe. VIII. Plan OF Action:HR DEPARTMENT:* Recruitment* Proper preparation to new employeePRODUCTION DEPARTMENT:* Find fresh and new faces that will stand for the promenade* Create their ain subject vocal Selling Department:* Schedule amusement plans that will suits the different type of promenade departers.* Create promos and competition that will acquire the involvement of the consumers ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT:* Keep path of their books of the history* Always record all the minutess of the company

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Electricity from Chemicals †Physics Essay

Electricity from Chemicals – Physics Essay Free Online Research Papers Electricity from Chemicals Physics Essay Electricity is energy found in nature, or is artificially created. The simplest way to make electricity is called a cell. Not a living cell, but a container, with an electrolyte, and electrodes, creating electricity. A good example of a cell is a battery. Batteries are cans, that is full of chemicals to make electricity. There are four types of batteries, and a few early model batteries. The first battery made, was founded by count Allessandro Volta, in 1800. He discovered, two different metals, copper and zinc, which was separated by two disks soaked in a salt solution, created a current of electricity. This new creation of artificial electricity, called the voltaic model started a bunch or new inventions. The most common type of battery used today, is the dry cell battery, or the alkaline battery. The dry cell battery contained an electrolyte paste, unlike the voltaic model, which had a liquid electrolyte. The dry cell battery contained a positive electrode, an anode, and en electrolyte paste, combined. Another type of battery cell, is the mercury-zinc â€Å"button† battery. This button sized cell’s anode is zinc powder, while the cathode, the negative electrode, is mercuric oxide. Most button cells can only create 1.4 volts. A NiCad or rechargeable battery cell is based on the chemicals Nickel, and Cadmium, making up its name NiCad. A rechargeable battery, well recharges, but if over charged, or under charged might not work properly. How is a battery able to recharge? It is simple, because oxidation, the process to combine with oxygen, which occurs at the negative electrode, equals the oxidation reduction at the positive electrode, creating power. Car batteries, like NiCad batteries, can be recharged. To do that, the chemical reaction that was used to make electricity, can be reversed to put it back. Electricity is an invisible form of energy. It is used to power up cell phones, radios, and more stuff. Electricity can be man made or natural made. A battery is just another way to create electricity, a simpler way. The Voltaic model was a simple way. And over time batteries grew to what we know today. Research Papers on Electricity from Chemicals - Physics EssayBionic Assembly System: A New Concept of SelfGenetic EngineeringPETSTEL analysis of IndiaIncorporating Risk and Uncertainty Factor in CapitalBringing Democracy to AfricaLifes What IfsCapital PunishmentThree Concepts of PsychodynamicResearch Process Part OneAssess the importance of Nationalism 1815-1850 Europe

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Arbitration Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work produced by our Law Essay Writing Service . You can view samples of our professional work here . Arbitration INTRODUCTION The world has come to experience many changes in the way legal systems are evolving. The conventional methods of dispensing justice are being abandoned in favour of faster and more efficient methods of dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation. The concept of arbitration has risen to prominence as a widely accepted form of dispute resolution between jurisdictions due to its many advantages and wide ranging applicability from commercial transactions to even the most simple of disputes and this can be seen in the fact that the United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards of 1958 has a total of 144 signatories. Mainly due to the cumbersome and lengthy process of litigation, many parties have opted for arbitration as a means of settling disputes due to its many advantages. This thinking behind this research is to critically evaluate the nature of arbitration and attempt to look at it as a veritable and eff icient means of alternative dispute resolution. It seeks to analyse arbitration in an introductory sense and attempt a differentiation between the recognition of an arbitral award and the enforcement of the award. It will attempt to look at the requirements under the various conventions for enforcement to be possible and then critically examine the grounds for non-enforcements under the conventions especially the New York convention of 1958. The methodology to be adopted by this research will be of a critical and comparative nature. Reviews of diverse literatures on the subject of this essay from one chapter to another will be carried out and in achieving the aim of this essay; diverse sources will be made reference to, including, international human rights instruments, legislations, case laws, books, journal articles, internet articles, general opinions and personal ideas. Particular emphasis will be placed on the New York convention of 1958 as a benchmark for comparism with other existing treaties and conventions on the subject. Chapter One will adopt an introductory approach and try to define the important issues raised in this essay especially the subject of arbitration and the essential nature of an award. It will define the term arbitration and attempt to enumerate the advantages or arbitration and why it has become so popular in regards to settlements of disputes viz a viz other methods of settlement of disputes. It will also differentiate between recognition of an award and the enforceability of an award which is very crucial to the very nature of an award. Chapter two will attempt to look at the requirements for enforcement and the available procedure in the New York convention and also attempt to do a comparative analysis between different jurisdictions to see the existing requirements for enforcement. Chapter three will focus on the major part of this work which will be the grounds for non-enforcement and recognition of an award under the New York c onvention of 1958 under Article 5(1) and Article 5(2) and other treaties. This will be considered in detail and a comparative analysis will be attempted to ascertain if this defences are strictly adhered to in certain jurisdictions.

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The Blue Kite by Tian Zhuangzhuang Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Blue Kite by Tian Zhuangzhuang - Essay Example These significant historical events are used to tie together the overall dramatic expression of the time while showing the debates that were a part of Beijing in the 1950s. Shot – by – Shot Analysis The scene which shows the historical and dramatic features most is in the climax and end portion. This begins with the soldiers that are surrounding Tietou’s father. The scene begins with a close up shot of glasses being knocked onto the ground then leads into a symbol of the new army of China. This is surrounded by voices that are shouting for Tietou’s father to get up. A close shot then moves into Tietou’s father, who is passed out then immediately zooms out to show the soldiers, all as children, who are surrounding him. The camera stays in this same position with a girl who continues to hit the father combined with the soldiers pushing the father. The noise, quick zooms and subject matter shown combines to show the drama of the situation while combining the political upheaval of the situation within this one section. The change occurs with a close up zoom to the soldiers that are on one side with the statement to get a stretcher. The camera then goes back and forth between close ups of the soldiers and of the father who is still being beaten and pushed. The scene changes to a close up of Tietou’s mom who is outside by a tree. The scene changes by showing her walk into the building after hearing shouting from the street. The scene continues by a zoom out of an aisle with soldiers on each side and her walking in the middle. A close up is shown of her pushing to tell the soldiers to stop because of his heart failure. The shouting at this point stops to listen to her; however, it quickly changes when a political statement is made about counter – revolutionary. This again heightens the tension of the scene, specifically with the political term used and the movement from the close up of his wife to the soldiers surrounding the area. The scene then changes to show the soldiers carrying his father down the steps in a stretcher and each soldier pushing the other. The drama heightens when the soldiers move to the streets and begin s houting â€Å"Down with Wu Leishing.† A close up is shown of the man who is now unconscious then moves into the soldiers shouting. The wife is shown as being pushed by the soldiers, then is followed by Tietou coming in and pushing toward his father then his mother. The camera stays with a mid – zoom to show the boy running into the soldiers; however, it doesn’t show the heads of the soldiers. The perspective is one of the little boy as he runs to find his parents. The pushing moves to a close up shot of the boy being pushed and of close ups of his mother trying to meet him. This is combined with the yelling with â€Å"mom† being heard over the other shots and with the mom’s expression going to her son as she is slapped by the soldiers. Music starts at this point to highlight the drama of the mother and son being torn apart by the soldiers. As the music continues, the soldiers state to beat him to death, throw him on the ground and leave. A close up shot is shown of Tietou glancing up to get his mother, than going to find a piece of wood and to run after the soldiers. The music continues in the back with close up angles. The highlight of this part is

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Andres Serrano Ana Mendieta's Artworks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Andres Serrano Ana Mendieta's Artworks - Essay Example Apart from this to capture art he travels with his equipment to the most mundane places and picks up his subjects randomly yet always creating a stir (Ontani, 2000). By carrying his photographic background paper and lights in New York subways he was able to capture the homeless in their bedraggled clothes .His most recent shows contained another example of this fashion in which he photographed couples in Bizarre way and although caught in tender moments yet were provocative which Adrian Searle of the Guardian described as a "young couple, she with a strap on dildo he with a mildly expectant expression (Nairne & Howgate, 2006)". Many of his works have received much controversy especially true was in the case of Piss Christ which is a photograph of the crucifix submerged in a glass of his own urine. There are other works that too are subjected to the submerged forms of bodily fluids. Yet it is to be observed that although the much contrived Piss Christ was not appreciated when first exhibited it nevertheless sold for $ 162,000 in 1999 in a London Museum and was originally estimated at $20,000- $30,000. Still many slandered him for producing offensive art but nevertheless he got scot-free from circles who believed in artistic freedom (Stilles and Selz, 1995). Expression In Art Serranos work has received a lot of criticism it has been labeled notorious, lurid, offensive, at one point yet on the other it has also gained popularity and is famous .What makes him popular and notorious at the same time is the fact that perhaps he picks up controversial subjects for his work and has a provocative mind for the application of contrasting beautiful serene images with offensive material (Cahan & Kocur, 1996). To the mind of Serrano what at one instant is pure is also containing the darker side to it as well. There is always a twist to the most ordinary and leaves one to wonder if not everything is not as we have always imagined but there is more to it than just what we had always imagined. Applications Of Seranos Work Some of his most famous works are seen as Blood and Semen III on metal band Metallica's " load" Piss and Blood is used on Metallica's "Re Load" Indirect Approach: Serrano's has a very indirect approach to all his art work and he utilizes this in a very cool and subtle manner. Much of his mature work began as early as in the 80's. His focus initially remained mainly on catholic iconography. However he soon turned his attention to be more taboo stuff. This included his use of bodily fluids for his artwork. For much of his creations he received death threats and hate mails. Yet this did not deter the artist in the least and he remained focused on his work as before. The fuss created for his artwork only resulted in the increase of price of his work pieces. Piss Christ It is a 30 by 40 inch color photograph of the crucifix in which the artist has submerged it in the body fluid semen. This piece of art met many disagreeable circles who voiced their opinions very openly calling him a

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The Civil Rights Movement Essay Example for Free

The Civil Rights Movement Essay The Civil Rights Movement is one of the most well known social movements in American History. But have you ever stopped to think of what really makes up a movement? Social movements are demonstrations used to express dissatisfaction with a certain policy or practice. Movements are all made possible by devoted leaders, bold, ordinary citizens, community support, and political institutions. Although the aforementioned components make social movements possible, the main driving force for a successful movement- such as the Civil Rights Movement- is having bold individuals willing to take risks for the cause. People willing to risk their lives for a cause are the main factor that can push a movement to success. An example of a group of ordinary people that had a profound impact on the Civil Rights Movement is the Greensboro Four. The Greensboro Four were students at North Carolina AT that facilitated sit-ins at the Woolworth’s store â€Å"whites only† lunch counter. They were refused service and were asked to leave, but instead of fighting back or leaving, they merely sat at the lunch counter and waited to be served. They knew that they would not be served, but for the sake of making their point known they remained seated until the store closed. As a result of their protest, many other protesters followed in their footsteps in the following days. Each day, the Woolworth’s store was occupied by more and more African-American protesters. Sales at the store dropped drastically, and in the end the segregation policy at the store was abandoned. Protests in neighboring towns arose as the news of the Greensboro Four spread. The Greensboro Four helped bring integration to North Carolina quickly. They acted as models, and their success inspired other people to stand up for their rights. Without visionaries such as the Greensboro Four, people would not have taken the risk to protest against segregation. There would have been nobody to inspire ordinary people, and convince them that they could cause a change and get rid of segregation. The Greensboro Four, and other individuals that stood out like them, are a prime example of why the Civil Rights Movement was successful. The brave individuals took a risk to support their cause, despite the hardships they faced in the process. Their protests not only inspired other people to start their own protests, but they gave hope to people that were aspiring to eliminate segregation.

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The Decisions to Bomb the Serbs :: essays research papers

THE DECISION TO BOMB THE SERBS   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Decision to Bomb the Serbs was a very interesting case study. It was hard for me to choose a case study but after reading my top three choices I finally came to a conclusion. I never knew about this particular topic, but as I read I was impressed with it, which brought this question to my mind. Should the US have intervened to prevent or end violations of human rights in Kosovo, when these violations did not directly affect other American interests? This was one of the many questions that I and the American public asked themselves, their congressmen and ultimately, their government, during the chaos in the Middle East. It must have been a difficult task to decide whether or not to take action against Milosevic in Belgrade. In this case there are many underlying concepts that shape the way in which the events that led to the bombing of Kosovo played out. I will attempt, in this paper, to discuss the different themes that played a role in this case study. It was thought that the Kosovo crisis came at a time when the President of the United States was most distracted, and could easily have made the wrong decisions. Based on the severity of the situation in Kosovo, one would need to focus on the negotiations necessary to find peace. The Clinton Administration ¡Ã‚ ¦s primary focus was on the pending impeachment of their leader. The case against President Bill Clinton required his undivided attention, as it pertained to his promiscuous actions while in office. The lack of personal attention to this crisis as it developed, may have been the triggering factor that led to many deaths and violent acts of crime that took place in Kosovo. The decision to bomb was one that could not follow the rational method of decision making, even though the goals, alternatives and consequences were known. The US government knew what the primary goal was pertaining to Kosovo, they needed to negotiated or come to some form of middle ground with Milosevic, allowing for peace. They had alternatives to the negotiation process, which was to take military action. The consequence of taking these actions would be the repercussions of the bombings. Even with all this known, it would still be impossible to follow the rational decision-making model as defined by Charles Lindbolm. However, a more appropriate method would be the  ¡Ã‚ ¥Branch Method ¡Ã‚ ¦.

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: South Korea Essay

Global business cultural analysis of the nation of South Korea is the focus of this research paper and will address how South Korea is placed as a trading partner with the United States, what is South Korea’s economic growth prospective, does China impact South Korea’s economic growth, what are the economic ties between North Korea and South Korea, does tourism play an important role in their economy, what are the major elements and dimensions of culture in this region, how are these elements and dimensions integrated by locals conducting business in this nation, how do both of the previous items compare with US culture and business, and what are the implications for US business that wish to conduct business in that region. South Korea 3 Introduction South Korea has emerged numerous calamities in its recent history. â€Å"Korea’s remarkable economic growth since the 1960s has been described as an East Asian miracle† (Hongshik, 2008). They survived the occupation by Japan, the ravages of the Korean War, all resulting in poverty and a dysfunctional government. These events did not leave South Korea in a position to compete or participate with a growing global economy. However, within recent years, South Korea rose from the ashes to become a leader in communication technology and the automotive industry. A changing global economy has induced the Koreans to transform their government and utilized the strengths of their culture to become a formable player in the global market (Lee, 2003). This paper will discover how South Korea is positioned as a trading partner with the United States, South Korea’s economic growth prospective, China’s impact South Korea’s economic growth, the economic ties between North Korea and South Korea, the role tourism plays on its economy, the major elements and dimensions of culture in this region. (Communications, Religion, Ethics, Values and attitudes, Manners, Customs, Social Structures and Organizations, and Education), how these elements and dimensions are integrated by locals conducting business in this nation, how do both of the previous items compare with US culture and business, and the implications for US business that wish to conduct business in that region. South Korea 4 Major elements and dimensions of culture in South Korea South Korea’s religion can be considered a poly-religious society or perhaps know as a melting pot of religion due to the increase in foreigners. Confucianism, Christianity, Buddhism and Shamanism are just a few of the main religions and Islam is one that is growing fast over the last 50 years. Confucianism saturates South Korean’s daily life and evolved or was introduced from the Chinese. However, it is probably better defined as a way of life than a religion. Confucianism was a system created by Kung Fu-Tzu about 500 BC. Kung Fu-Tzu taught the system during a time when China was disrupted by fighting. He developed five concepts to follow. Fairness and morality, father and son shall have an appropriate understanding between themselves, husband and wife shall maintain separate roles, the elder shall have priority, and friends shall give precedence to faith and conviction. Confucianism has an impact on Korean society by influencing social status and contacts where Koreans standing is decided by age, gender, education , family history, affluence, job, and governmental philosophy. Korean’s prosperity is determined by their contacts. Korean prominence is determined by age, gender, education, family background, affluence, job, and governmental philosophy .Social contacts determine success. Heredity and history are important factors on how people are treated in an ordered society (Choong, 2012). Buddhism has existed for thousands of years and is considered by many not to be a religion but a means to develop spiritual awareness of one’s true self. â€Å"Buddhism famously denies the existence of the self. This is usually understood to mean that Buddhism denies the existence of a substantial self-existing over and above the flow of conscious experience† (Fink, South Korea 5 2012). It does not worship a God of creation. Globalization has introduced Buddhism to the world to become a multinational religion (Kitiarsa, 2010). South Korea’s ethic and value system has been influenced by the diverse cultural make up since the Korean War, and the things that influence the Korean people are different on how decisions are made in other nations. Globalization draws attention to the need for understanding business ethics and values of the culture a business or corporation is working with. Recent scandals have brought into focus the need for business ethics. The US firm, Enron, filed bankruptcy due to business ethics being ignored and Daewoo had the same fate for South Korea. Corporations have adopted codes of ethics to repair their image to the world. â€Å"Among four people-centered core values, human-centered management/human resource development and knowledge sharing were the values preferred by the managerial group. Managers placed more importance on accountability values, among which obedience to the law was significantly emphasized by the managers. With respect to the social responsibility values, the managerial group scored higher for the value of disclosure with no significant difference. As to the leadership values, social responsibility, faithful tax payment, and transparency of information† (Eunsang 2009 11(2), 235-252). Whistleblowing is an important tool to help keep businesses in line and is a concept the Asian countries have adopted. However, not much has been reported on its progress in those countries. Confucian Ethics and Individualism-Collectivism can have an influence on effective whistleblowing. â€Å"Confucian ethics had significant but mixed effects on whistleblowing Intentions. The affection between father and son had a negative effect on internal and external whistleblowing intentions, while the distinction between the roles of husband and wife had a positive effect on those intentions. The effects of collectivism were also different depending on the specific types of collectivism. Horizontal collectivism had a positive effect on both types of whistleblowing intentions, whereas vertical collectivism did not show any significant effects on whistleblowing intentions. These results indicate that cultural traits such as Confucian ethics and collectivism may affect an individual’s whistleblowing intentions†( Park, 2005 58(4), 387-403). Ethics and values in the public relations field also play a significant role a business when dealing on an international level. The situational environment tis complicated, and opinions are competing most of time. An issue of ethical relativism exists for each situation. Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA’s) new Code of Ethics still contains this complex problem of ethical relativism. The PRSA Code of Ethics 2000 provides free flow of information as â€Å"Protecting and advancing the free flow of accurate and truthful information is essential to serving the public interest and contributing to informed decision making in a democratic society.† At the same time PRSA code recommends (1) to avoid â€Å"real, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest† in order to build â€Å"the trust of clients, employers, and the publics,† and (2) to protect confidential and private information of clients.(Yungwook, 2003,42(3), 209-223).The food industry is another area of public concern and interest in values and ethical behavior of those involved in importing meat . The Korea U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) facilitated the ability for U.S. beef supplied to South Korea. However, the public protested due to concerns that safety guidelines for handling beef were not followed and resulted in mistrust of the public officials (Kim,2009). Attitudes of the South Koreans are influenced by the dynamic diverse cultural, and globalization. South Korean college students seem to be in favor of globalization. However, the South Korean females were more cautious concerning globalization (Suplico, 2008). This information gives good insight into future or potential globalized consumers. Exactly how a country or nation conducts its manners presents a very challenging concern when different cultures interact. Body language, standing too close, smiling, a hand shake, bowing, taking your shoes off before entering an area or house, and tone of the voice, are just some of the ways people interact and can insult someone without knowing what they did to insult or anger an individual or group. For that reason, it is important to learn everything you can about the culture before you do business with them. South Korea customs have evolved and changed over the years but they still have strong family bonds, practice Confucianism, have elaborate weddings, special rice dishes, eat with chop sticks, and traditional Tae Kwon Do martial arts. Social Structure in South Korea changed over the past 50 years on several fronts. The family structure is altered due to the family size changing. The value of a child is important to the Korean family. The reason to have children is psychological, and the reason not to have children is due to economics. â€Å"A person was not considered complete, or as an adult, until he or she had a child. Not being able to have a child, especially a boy, was considered a personal and family tragedy. It meant that a person’s future was in jeopardy since their children would not succeed them and the family line might come to an end. It was inconceivable that a person would choose not to have children. However, with modernization, young Korean mothers are choosing to have far fewer children (on the average one child) than their parents (four children) and their grandparents (six children; Korea Statistics Bureau, 2003). Cultural transformations over recent decades have led to the improvement of contraceptive methods and medical technology† (Uichol,2005 54(3), 338-354). Industrialization led to an increase in the urban residents and changed the family structure creating an increase in nuclear family structures and decrease in the extended family. Industrialization is also affecting the family in another negative concern involving a stress in marriage and increase in divorce. However, a decrease in prearranged marriages and more woman in the workforce. Also, individuals are seeking more self-satisfaction. A plus side can be seen in the changing society concerning younger people is wealthier with pensions for the future retirement, have an increase in traveling (Shin, 2003). The connection between daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law in South Korea’s upper-middle-class families that live in an urban area is changing as the common residence disappears and an increase in the nuclear family. However, they remain deeply connected to the extended family. This change reflects the industrialization of their society. The industrialization has made it economically possible for a larger number of nuclear families soon after the son is married (Kim, 1996). â€Å"Despite an increasing trend of nuclearization of the family, the family has not been replaced by a dyadic conjugal bond and has not lost its basis as the primary social organization in keeping ties among members of the virtual stem family. In contrast to many western societies (Reiter 1975), egalitarian ideology has not completely undermined the authority of parents, and mothers still act as agents of their sons and socialize them to be committed to perpetuating the family and maintaining family status. (Kim,1996, 69(4), 179-192). Mother and son relations continue in a traditional manner outside the nuclear family. Mothers from an upper-middle-class continue to intercede in their sons life well in to the sons marriage. The dedication the mother has to her son’s achievement does not guarantee the son will want to care for his parents once they get up in age. The daughter-in-law will support her husband and join her mother-in-law in keeping the family ties by communicating by phone, visits, physical labor, and gifts. The state enjoys the nuclear family because welfare programs are few with this relationship. However, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not without problems. As the mother-in –law gets older she no longer has the influence of her ideologies and put pressure on the daughter-in-law when she tries to impose her authority. The daughter-in-law can be crafty about utilizing her higher education and experience to destabilize her mother-in-law. This will lead to the deterioration of unity and result in the two sides avoiding each other to deal with their disagreements.( Kim,1996). The Korean and US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) provides a significant ongoing opportunity to benefit both nations. In 2008 the ratification of The Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) paved the way for the Korean National Assembly and the United States Free Trade Agreement to implement FTA in 2012.However, during those 4 years, both sides lost valuable remunerations that could have been accumulated. Even though opportunities were lost during those 4 years, the economic and political impact is substantial for both sides. December 2010, President Barack Obama and President Lee Myung-bak negotiated a supplemental agreement to hurdle the main political problems concerning the agreement because they both knew the huge benefit that both sides would obtain for their future. KORUS FTA is a huge arrangement that created a strong alliance between the US and South Korea (Schott, 2011). Also, the largest gain would come from the production gains produced by the increased competition between the United States manufacturers and local Korean fabricators. Another important area of gain for Korea will be from increased opportunities from the reduction in non-tariff barriers (Hongshik, & Backhoon, 2008). South Korea Economic Growth Perspective South Korea’s financial development, over the past 30 years, has been excellent. Financial development for economic growth is a significant program issue. Economic growth can be accomplished through a couple of routs. The first is well-developed financial intermediaries can encourage the public to increase saving and then to accumulate social capital. The second route is that, as financial mediators develop, more savings are allotted to organizations more efficiently, and thus, financial development improves productivity and growth. (Song, 2010). South Korea’s per capita GNP, was only $100 in 1963. However, it surpassed $14,000 in 2004. In 2006 South Korea was the United States’ seventh-largest trading partner and 11th-largest economy in the world. Park Chung Hees’s administration introduced across-the-board economic policy changes in the 1960s stressing exports and light industries. This lead to prompt debt financed industrial development. In addition, Hee, reformed their currency, strengthened their institutions for finance, and financial institutions, and presented an economic development plan that was more workable for future growth. Manufacturing became an area they expanded on during the 1970s along with endorsing chemical, electronics and the automotive industry. As a result the manufacturing industry grew at a rapid pace into the 1990s (Economy, 2006).

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Examine the relationship between Volpone and Mosca Essay

Examine the relationship between Volpone and Mosca in Acts I and II; to what extent is Volpone presented as the dominant partner?  During The Argument at the beginning of the play the audience is told that, although the play’s title is ‘Volpone’, the play is mostly centred on ‘his parasite’, Mosca, and the cross-plots he ‘weaves’ as he ‘assures’ and ‘deludes’ the other characters. Despite this, Volpone is not entirely submissive. There are several occasions where he is the stronger, commanding character, and throughout the play there are some elements of permanent authority, which cannot be overlooked. As stated in ‘The Persons of the Comedy’, Volpone is a ‘Magnifico’, an entrepreneur who would be socially higher than his parasite, Mosca, and therefore better educated than him. This good education is seen in Act II Scene ii as Volpone speaks as the mountebank, Scoto of Mantua. Although it is unknown who contrived the plot, although it is assumed to be Mosca as he suggests the disguise, Volpone uses scientific language, such as ‘mal caduco’ and ‘hernia ventosa’, to convince the crowd to buy his oil, even calling in ‘Oglio del Scoto’. Even if Mosca had created the idea, he would have been unable to use such language to make the crowd believe Volpone was Scoto, and therefore he is reliant on Volpone’s knowledge to help carry out his plans. This social dominance on Volpone’s part is also seen immediately in Act I Scene i, as Jonson presents Volpone languishing in bed while Mosca does his bidding, waking Volpone for the day and opening the shrine at his behest to reveal the ‘saint’ that is his gold. This wealth provides another area of dominance, although this is also a factor affecting class, as Mosca is dependent on Volpone’s wealth to support him as this provides him with a home and pay, so the typical master and servant positions are assumed. Mosca never forgets his place in society, and Volpone frequently orders him about, such as upon the arrival of Voltore at the end of Act I Scene ii when he asks Mosca to ‘fetch’ his ‘gown’,’ furs, and nightcap’. These are duties that Mosca has to perform, and when ordered to do something by Volpone he has to agree and execute the task without argument. These factors mean that Volpone is the overriding authority in this relationship, and Mosca dare not openly disagree with Volpone as he could lose everything. Despite Volpone having a great deal of possible power and influence, he is often presented as the weaker of the two with a great deal of dependence on Mosca, thereby making Mosca the dominant partner. An example of this is seen in Act I Scene I, as Volpone asks Mosca â€Å"Why dost thou laugh so, man?† suggesting that he is insecure and seeks Mosca’s reassurance in case he is the subject of the laughter. This makes Mosca the leading member of the relationship, showing Volpone’s emotional dependence on his servant. He is also dependent on Mosca to carry out the ‘cunning purchase’ of his wealth, with Mosca having to make excuses for other clients visiting, such as when he tells Voltore to ‘put business’ in his face as he leaves, as he is an advocate, and then tells Corbaccio Volpone ‘was about his testament’ ‘for [Corbaccio’s] good’, giving him a positive reason for Voltore’s presence. Through this M osca also manages to increase the wealth accumulated through their enterprise, by playing the three clients off against each other. This is again seen in Act 1 Scene iv as Mosca tells Corbaccio of Voltore’s ‘piece of plate’ for Volpone ‘to be his heir’, leading him to proffer ‘a bag of bright chequins’, and later to proclaim Volpone his ‘sole heir’, thereby denying his ‘brave, and highly meriting’ son, Bonario. However, this does not entirely prove Mosca to be the stronger orchestrator of events or show Volpone to be weak, as Volpone has to act the dying man, and therefore cannot play a great role in manipulating the clients. This is shown in the way Mosca handles the subplot of Celia more skilfully than Volpone, and his greater level of control and forward thinking. Mosca’s role in the play is more as a stage manager than a servant, and on many occasions he is shown to handle situations more adroitly than Volpone. One of the greatest ways Jonson shows this is in the plot to win Celia, something that Mosca himself introduces in Act 1 Scene v, enticing Volpone as he calls her ‘The blazing star of Italy’. In doing this, Mosca creates a new need for himself, making Volpone even more dependent on him as Mosca knows details regarding Celia, such as Corvino’s ‘guard, of ten spies thick, upon her’, while Volpone had not heard of her.

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Cuánto es el Impuesto sobre la venta en Estados Unidos

Cunto es el Impuesto sobre la venta en Estados Unidos El impuesto sobre la venta o sale tax es de las cosas que ms sorprende a turistas y migrantes recià ©n emigrados a Estados Unidos porque generalmente no est incluido en el precio y asà ­ lo que se paga por un producto puede ser diferente al costo de la etiqueta. Tambià ©n llama la atencià ³n la diferencia del monto del impuesto segà ºn el estado e incluso ciudad o condado y tambià ©n la gran variedad de productos o servicios a los que no aplica este impuesto. Este artà ­culo contiene informacià ³n sobre quà © estados no tienen sale tax, cul es el impuesto sobre la venta que aplica en cada uno de los estados que sà ­ lo recaudan y cules son las principales excepciones a la regla general. Finalmente, se explican cules son las reglas que aplican a las compras por internet. Estados sin impuesto sobre la venta o sale tax Cinco estados que no tienen impuesto sobre la venta: AlaskaDelawareMontanaMontanaOregà ³n Cul es impuesto sobre la venta se paga por estado en EE.UU. Dentro de los estados que sà ­ tienen este impuesto las reglas son distintas. Algunos  permiten incrementos a nivel local y hay que sumar al precio de la etiqueta el impuesto a las ventas del estado y el impuesto del condado y/o municipalidad. Es posible que en los estados con este tipo de impuestos algunos artà ­culos està ©n exentos. Es comà ºn que esto suceda con alimentos no procesados o remedios (medicinas) con prescripcià ³n mà ©dica, por ejemplo. Tambià ©n puede suceder con la ropa. Por ejemplo, en Nueva York ropa y calzado por un costo inferior a $110 por unidad o par no est sujeto a este impuesto. Asimismo, es posible que algunos bienes o servicios està ©n gravados con un porcentaje ms alto que el general. Por ejemplo, rentar por un tiempo corto un auto, en algunos estados como Massachusetts, eso sucede con la compra de artà ­culos considerados de lujo.   Teniendo en cuenta todo lo dicho lo que hay que tener claro es que el precio en una etiqueta no se corresponde casi nunca con lo que se paga en la caja.   Alabama: 4%. Puede haber recargo localAlaska: no tiene. Las municipalidades pueden imponerloArizona: 5,6%. Ciudades y municipalidades pueden incrementarloArkansas: 6,5%, pero hay casos especiales como parques y turismo, alcohol, etc.California: 6%, permitià ©ndose sobrecargo de ciudades y condados y tarifas especialesCarolina del Norte: 4,75% permitià ©ndose sobrecargos localesCarolina del Sur: 6% sobrecargo del 1% a los condados. Marihuana: 10%.Connecticut: 6,35%. No se permite recargos locales.Dakota del Norte: 5%, permitià ©ndose legalmente incrementarlo mximo de 3%Dakota del Sur: 4,5%. Las ciudades pueden incrementar mximo un 2%Delaware: no hay impuesto a las ventas, ni estatal, ni local.Florida: 2%. Los condados pueden incrementar 0 - 2%. Las ciudades no pueden grabar Georgia: 4%, ciudades pueden incrementar 0-1,5% y condados 2-4%.Hawaii: 4%. Condados pueden aà ±adir 0 - 0,5%Idaho: 6%. Ciudades y municipalidades pueden incrementar entre 0 y 3%.Illinois: 6,3%. Ciudades y muni cipalidades pueden recaudar mximo 2,75% Indiana: 7%. No hay sobrecargo local.Iowa: 6%. Localmente puede haber un incremento del 1%Kansas: 6,5%. Ciudades y municipalidades pueden sumar un mximo del 3%Kentucky: 6%Louisiana: 5%. Localmente se puede imponer una tarifa mxima del 7%.Maine: 5,5%, con algunos impuestos especialesMaryland: 6%Massachusetts: 6,25%Michigan: 6%Minnesota: 6,875%, permitià ©ndose localmente aumentarlo un mximo de 1%Mississippi: 7%. Localmente puede incrementarse entre 0 y 1%.Missouri: 2,888%. Localmente puede incrementar 4,225% y St Louis y Ballwin un 1%.Montana: no hay sale taxNebraska: 5,5%, se incrementa localmente 0 y 2%. Los condados entre 0 y 0,5%.Nevada: 4,60%. Localmente puede incrementarse a un mximo del 3,55%Nuevo Hampshire: no tiene impuesto sobre la ventaNuevo Mà ©xico: 5,125%, pero con sobrecargos locales puede llegar al 8,938%Nueva York: 4%, ciudades/municipales y condados pueden incrementar mximo 4,75%Ohio: 5,75% se le puede aà ±adir localmente entre el 0,75  y 2,25%Oklahoma: 4,50%. L as ciudades pueden incrementar hasta un 5,5% y condados 2,50% Oregà ³n: no aplica este impuestoPennsylvania: 6%. Las ciudades no tiene y condados aplican mximo sobrecargo 2%Rhode Island: 7%. No permite incrementos locales.Tennessee: 7%. Las ciudades pueden cobrar hasta 0,5% y condados 1,5-2,75%Texas: 6,25%. Ciudades y municipalidades pueden cobrar mximo 2% adicionalUtah: 4,7%. Las ciudades/municipalidades pueden incrementar mximo 2%.Vermont: 6% Localmente se incrementa desde el 0 al 1%.Virginia: 5,3%. En Northern Virginia y Hampton Roads: 6%. Localmente se subir 1%.Virginia Occidental: 6%. Ciudades/municipalidades pueden aà ±adir 0-1%.Washington: 6,5%. Localmente puede incrementarse mximo 3,9%Wisconsin: 5%. Los condados pueden incrementar un mximo 0,5%Wyoming: 4%. Los condados pueden incrementar entre 0 y 2%  ¿Cul es el impuesto sobre venta en Puerto Rico? En el Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, donde aplican las leyes migratorias de Estados Unidos- se cobra un 10,5% de impuesto sobre la venta y los condados estn autorizados a incrementar por este concepto un mximo de un 1%. Sale Tax Holidays En ocasiones los estados pueden declarar unos dà ­as como vacaciones en el impuesto sobre ls ventas y no se cobra. Generalmente, se trata de un fin de semana que se anuncia previamente o se fija con ocasià ³n de un evento o situacià ³n especial, como el inicio del curso escolar o para comprar todo lo necesario relacionado a preparacià ³n en temporada de huracanes. Impuesto sobre las ventas en compras por internet en EE.UU. Hasta fechas muy recientes, como regla general, si la empresa vendedor tenà ­a una tienda en el estado en el que reside el comprador, deberà ­a cobrar sale tax, pero casi ninguno lo hacà ­a aunque habà ­a importantes excepciones, como Apple, Walmart, Target o Amazon, que cobraban este impuesto aà ºn cuando no tuvieran presencia fà ­sica en el estado del comprador. Todo ha cambiado con una sentencia de la Corte Suprema de junio de 2018 en la que se anulà ³ la sentencia que se conoce como Quill vs. South Dakota. Por lo tanto, actualmente las ventas por internet en EE.UU. ests sujetas, siempre, al impuesto sobre la venta que aplica en el estado del comprador. 3 tips para turistas internacionales Estados Unidos es el segundo paà ­s que ms turistas internacionales recibe en todo el mundo, muchos de ellos vienen exclusivamente a comprar. Sin embargo, solo dos estados permiten a los  turistas internacionales recuperar el impuesto a las ventas: Louisiana y Texas, y en condiciones estrictas. Por ejemplo, hay que llegar y marcharse por avià ³n. Una de las compras preferidas de turistas con alto nivel econà ³mico es la compra de segunda vivienda, como inversià ³n o para disfrutar en vacaciones. En este caso, es importante conocer las consecuencias migratorias y fiscales de este hecho. Finalmente, para venir a Estados Unidos y comprar, adems de saber cunto impuesto a las ventas se paga en cada estado, es importante no poner en riesgo la visa. Recordar que son muchas las acciones que pueden causar problemas, por ejemplo, estas son  10 causas por las que pueden cancelar la visa. Este es un artà ­culo informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.

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HR Performance Issues and Motivation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

HR Performance Issues and Motivation - Essay Example On the other hand, disgruntled employees led to low productivity and work absenteeism. According to a research by Hellriegel and Slocum (2009), organizations need to realize the importance of determining the relationship between job motivation, work performance, and satisfaction. Organization’s workplace settings offer a significant effect on the behavior and productivity of staff members. The need to attend to work life quality within organizations is a crucial part of understanding the link between these three variables. Managers have to play their roles in comprehending this issue also. The Human Resource department is directly linked with the needs of staff members and ought to be on the forefront to create awareness on motivating its staff. Creating a personal bond with employees is one way of motivating their work life. Making them feel more than employees is a key element in attaining this aspect. Creating job opportunities that match the knowledge and qualification of employees also leads to them being highly motivated and satisfied with their supervisors and the organization as a whole. A link between motivation and performance lies in the employer’s capability to ensure that the employee is motivated and satisfied. It is up to the employer to hand the employee with sufficient tools and capacity to achieve the organization’s objectives and reward the employees satisfactorily good. Employees, on the other hand, are obligated to work reasonably to elevate the productivity of the organization (Daft, 2011). Types of motivations in a job setting can be activated by either intrinsic or extrinsic factors. An example of intrinsic motivators includes recognition, growth, and responsibility while extrinsic ones are policy, safety, security, and salary. Failure to meet quality work standards is one example of a performance issue that results from, lack of

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History - Week five Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

History - Week five - Essay Example He currently teaches journalism and United States foreign policy at Northwestern University. Kinzer has written several non-fiction books about Turkey, Central America, Iran, the US overthrow of foreign governments from the late 19th century to the present and, most recently, about Rwandas recovery from genocide. He has spoken out widely against a potential U.S. attack on Iran, warning that it would destroy the pro-US sentiment that has become widespread among the Iranian populace under the repressive Islamic regime.† (Wikipedia, August 11, 2008). The book is all about the quest of the United States to conquer more and more countries and to make a dominant name for itself in the world. The United States deployed many strong arms tactics to fulfill their aim of being the ultimate power in the world. This era saw a revolution in the tactics applied by the United States, they starting spreading democracy and at the same time started building up a strong army and an equally strong navy base, another significant change was the Americans brought foreign governments under there control during this era. The most dreadful villain in the book is John Foster Dulles; he was a lawyer and took care of the foreign capital of the countries which surrendered themselves to the policies of the United States. â€Å"Dulles was Eisenhowers secretary of state and his brother Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA -- a nefarious partnership that colluded together with unchecked unanimity.† (Swans, n, a). The book tells about the people who took ma tters in their own hands to topple foreign governments. The author talks about the three eras in the book namely, the imperial era. This saw countries Cuba, Puerto Rico and a few others come under the control of the United States. The second is the cold war era which saw United States employ strict rules on the countries like Iraq, Chile etc. The book explains why United