Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Andres Serrano Ana Mendieta's Artworks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Andres Serrano Ana Mendieta's Artworks - Essay Example Apart from this to capture art he travels with his equipment to the most mundane places and picks up his subjects randomly yet always creating a stir (Ontani, 2000). By carrying his photographic background paper and lights in New York subways he was able to capture the homeless in their bedraggled clothes .His most recent shows contained another example of this fashion in which he photographed couples in Bizarre way and although caught in tender moments yet were provocative which Adrian Searle of the Guardian described as a "young couple, she with a strap on dildo he with a mildly expectant expression (Nairne & Howgate, 2006)". Many of his works have received much controversy especially true was in the case of Piss Christ which is a photograph of the crucifix submerged in a glass of his own urine. There are other works that too are subjected to the submerged forms of bodily fluids. Yet it is to be observed that although the much contrived Piss Christ was not appreciated when first exhibited it nevertheless sold for $ 162,000 in 1999 in a London Museum and was originally estimated at $20,000- $30,000. Still many slandered him for producing offensive art but nevertheless he got scot-free from circles who believed in artistic freedom (Stilles and Selz, 1995). Expression In Art Serranos work has received a lot of criticism it has been labeled notorious, lurid, offensive, at one point yet on the other it has also gained popularity and is famous .What makes him popular and notorious at the same time is the fact that perhaps he picks up controversial subjects for his work and has a provocative mind for the application of contrasting beautiful serene images with offensive material (Cahan & Kocur, 1996). To the mind of Serrano what at one instant is pure is also containing the darker side to it as well. There is always a twist to the most ordinary and leaves one to wonder if not everything is not as we have always imagined but there is more to it than just what we had always imagined. Applications Of Seranos Work Some of his most famous works are seen as Blood and Semen III on metal band Metallica's " load" Piss and Blood is used on Metallica's "Re Load" Indirect Approach: Serrano's has a very indirect approach to all his art work and he utilizes this in a very cool and subtle manner. Much of his mature work began as early as in the 80's. His focus initially remained mainly on catholic iconography. However he soon turned his attention to be more taboo stuff. This included his use of bodily fluids for his artwork. For much of his creations he received death threats and hate mails. Yet this did not deter the artist in the least and he remained focused on his work as before. The fuss created for his artwork only resulted in the increase of price of his work pieces. Piss Christ It is a 30 by 40 inch color photograph of the crucifix in which the artist has submerged it in the body fluid semen. This piece of art met many disagreeable circles who voiced their opinions very openly calling him a

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