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History - Week five Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

History - Week five - Essay Example He currently teaches journalism and United States foreign policy at Northwestern University. Kinzer has written several non-fiction books about Turkey, Central America, Iran, the US overthrow of foreign governments from the late 19th century to the present and, most recently, about Rwandas recovery from genocide. He has spoken out widely against a potential U.S. attack on Iran, warning that it would destroy the pro-US sentiment that has become widespread among the Iranian populace under the repressive Islamic regime.† (Wikipedia, August 11, 2008). The book is all about the quest of the United States to conquer more and more countries and to make a dominant name for itself in the world. The United States deployed many strong arms tactics to fulfill their aim of being the ultimate power in the world. This era saw a revolution in the tactics applied by the United States, they starting spreading democracy and at the same time started building up a strong army and an equally strong navy base, another significant change was the Americans brought foreign governments under there control during this era. The most dreadful villain in the book is John Foster Dulles; he was a lawyer and took care of the foreign capital of the countries which surrendered themselves to the policies of the United States. â€Å"Dulles was Eisenhowers secretary of state and his brother Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA -- a nefarious partnership that colluded together with unchecked unanimity.† (Swans, n, a). The book tells about the people who took ma tters in their own hands to topple foreign governments. The author talks about the three eras in the book namely, the imperial era. This saw countries Cuba, Puerto Rico and a few others come under the control of the United States. The second is the cold war era which saw United States employ strict rules on the countries like Iraq, Chile etc. The book explains why United

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