Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Analysis Of Ready Player One By Ernst Cline - 1340 Words

Ready Player One, by Ernst Cline – Extended text, novel Ready Player One, written by Ernst Cline, is a novel that explores a dystopian future where overpopulation and overconsumption of resources has caused a huge decrease in the general quality of life. Many peoples only escape from the harsh reality of the world is a virtual reality simulation known as the OASIS. Players can create their own avatars and explore a seemingly endless virtual world, all of which is online with other players. This software allows interaction between everyone connected, and has become the mainstream form of media in this bleak future. The creator of this software, James Halliday, dies at the beginning of the novel, and leaves his fortunes hidden in the OASIS.†¦show more content†¦This is done in order to save space, and is a great example of Cline displaying the dystopia of the world displayed in the book in an indirect manner. While people generally view the future as some utopic society where flying cars are the common means of transport, we hardly picture a reality where water levels are rising and overpopulation is reaching an unstable level, where the disparity between the rich and the poor becomes even clearer. This helps me to have the realization that many people are unaware of the detrimental effects of things that we consider â€Å"normal† on our earth. For example, billions of people use vehicles which are energy inefficient, and release toxic carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The fear that I feel when reading about such a bleak future, helped me to realize that to survive we must change as a society. This is relevant to our current society because global warming and over-population are currently very real issues that have no foreseeable solution other than a population that produces less waste, and is generally more sustainable. The underlying theme of Ready Player One is the power of technology. My response to this theme is excitement. In the text, technology gives people the power to assume another identity in a completely different reality. The technology described in the text, closely mirrors the ambitions of the virtual reality products currently on the market. This excites me, as it leads me to believe that we are veryShow MoreRelatedMr Zhang42340 Words   |  170 Pages- To provide a means for improving the writing skills of students. From all reports, accounting majors too often leave college lacking in the basic ability to compose and construct sentences and paragraphs. Accounting and auditing (especially as one moves up in an organization) obviously require skills other than the purely quantitative. Memos, reports, footnotes, audit and accounting guides, etc., all require accountants and auditors to be effective communicators of the written word. Indeed

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