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Managerial Report on the Real Estate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Managerial Report on the Real Estate - Essay Example This, they accomplish by collecting on site data, monitoring information relative to the sale and purchase of condominiums. The number of days it takes for each condominium to be sold is also taken into account and recorded for analysis and reference. The Gulf Real Estate Properties has classified the condominiums by separating those present on the areas of the Gulf from those present elsewhere such as on the bay or a golf course. The data relative to the recent sales of Condominiums both on and off Gulf, which is in thousands of dollars, has been selected. Statistical analysis of the acclaimed data would reveal facts which would be accommodated within a managerial report. The data comprise of three variables namely list price, sale price and days to sell for both the categories of condominiums that are â€Å"Gulf View† and â€Å"No Gulf View†. The sample size for former is 40 while for the latter it is 18. The price values are given in thousands of dollars. The data is acquired from condominium sales reported in the Naples MLS (Coldwell Banker, June 2000). The data is appended below as Table 1.1 under Appendix A. The subscripts that are used to indicate the statistical figures of both the â€Å"Gulf View† and â€Å"No Gulf View† categories in this report are 1 and 2 respectively. The descriptive statistics regarding each of the three variables for the 40 â€Å"Gulf View Condominiums† and for the 18 â€Å"No Gulf View Condominiums† is presented in Table 1.0 below. The descriptive statistics highlight multiple factors that would assist a real estate agent comprehend the real estate market. The sample mean of days to sell variable for Gulf View Condominiums (= 106 days) is comparatively lesser than the sample mean of No Gulf View Condominiums (= 135 days).

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